What would you take with you at the end of the world?


What would you take with you at the end of the world?

And I’m not talking the obvious answer “I’d take my family, of course”, because, obviously. I’m talking, when the world comes crashing down, the zombies are rising up, and the aliens are about to push that big red button, what would you take with you? What would you shove in a bag just before you ran out the door?

Survival gear?


A great pair of running shoes?

Makes sense.

A baseball bat?

That would come in handy.

Look around you and think about it for a second. All the things in your life that surround you that seemed so important at the time. What is so important that you’d want to take it with you as that Terminator lookin fella is coming down the hall, looking for someone who fits your description?

What would I take?

Your car keys, while you’re busy puttering around gathering stuff, looking at your junk and reflecting on life as you know it, I’d be out the door with your keys, shoving my kids in the back seat and telling the hubs to take a flying leap into the passenger window cause I ain’t slowing down for nothin.

See you suckers. Too slow. Zombies got ya.

Meanwhile, I’m driving off into the sunset while you’re still pondering the meaning of life four paragraphs back.