Dinner from scratch takes too long


Am I killing myself making dinner for my family every evening?

I like to make our evening meals from scratch, 7 days a week. And from scratch I mean, a meat main, a carb side and a side of veggies.

If we have hamburgers for dinner, I’m making them from scratch instead of using frozen patties.

Plantain with rice and peas, made fresh when I get home from work.

Crock pot. Yes please.

But I find that making these healthy dinners every night and the resulting clean-up takes a LOT of time. Seriously, I get home, get the kids settled, finish the cleanup from the night before, cook dinner, serve dinner, eat dinner, then by the time I have a few minutes to sit and relax, the evening is basically over.

I know that making them dinner (assembling our own pizzas instead of ordering in) is better for our health, but is it better for my well-being? Cooking dinner is a lot of work every night. And I feel guilty when I buy a throw-in-the-oven lasagna, or a pre-cooked chicken. Still, wouldn’t it be better if I could just come home, hang with my kids, and have dinner magically appear on the table?

Yes, I love to cook, and I love to cook for my family, but there’s got to be a healthy way to do it in less time each evening where we’re not eating crock-pot meals every night.

I need to figure this out, because this summer instead of spending the evening in front of the stove, I’d rather take my kids to the park.