Write everyday… even if it’s crap


After having attended Blissdom Canada 2012 (last week? Two weeks ago? Has it been that long already?) I’ve been feeling inspired. Inspired about so many things. Blogging, social media, future opportunities. Everything. Getting published on CanadianLiving.com/Moms shortly afterwards was the icing on the cake.

That article, and my second one published yesterday, were a long time in the works and a great learning experience for me. Journalism and blogging are two very different animals. I kind of knew that before, I know that for sure now.

Before Blissdom Canada 2012 I had been wracking my brain, feeling sad about the fact that there isn’t that ONE THING that I’m an expert at, that ONE THING that I know for sure that I can blog about and make my own. Once again I had forgotten that I’m not a woman of the ONE THING, I am a woman of MANY THINGS. And I need to blog about that.

Blissdom Canada 2012 has come and gone and I can say with confidence that I’ve found my bliss. I’ve got at least 3 blog posts written and scheduled to publish, I’ve never been that on top of my writing before. Also, I’ve got a tiny notebook that I now keep in my purse with at least 3 or 4 more good topics. Some I’ll write about, some not. But at least now I’m keeping track of them. I really hope I can keep this habit up.

Thank you HaleyAli and Dee for inspiring me. I may not know where this writing journey will take me, but thanks to you three amazing women I know I’m on the write path.

Write everyday

Even if it’s crap

Use everyday things as inspiration

Even if it’s totally boring mundane crap, it’s still worth writing about

Write something funny

But not too funny.

Take your funniest thing and delete it.

Less is more.