The Security Guard

Joe is new to his job, only just started working here last month. Training is over and he pretty much knows his way around the place, but today is the first time he is being sent out on a call and he’s pretty nervous about it. He doesn’t’ want to let his boss down.

“Head out to building three and let the weekend staff in, the manager forgot their key.” Simple enough instruction from his boss, and since he’s pretty sure he knows where building three is, he’s good to go.

Joe heads out in the tiny sewing-machine engine golf cart that the security team uses to get around the grounds and he pulls up in front of building three. A handful of people are milling about the front door, and as he hops lightly from the cart, door key in hand, he spots her. The most beautiful girl in the world.

In that moment, the world stops and all he can see is her. Her dark brown hair blowing slightly in the wind carries the light scent of her shampoo on the breeze, and in that instant he knows, she’s the one. “Thank you so much for helping us out” She says with a smile on her face. And he blushes. She doesn’t notice, but he’s pretty sure his head is about to burst into flame. “Be cool!” he says quietly to himself. “Be cool!” and he sidled on past her hoping to all the dating gods that he doesn’t drop the keys as he fumbles with the locks.

As the door opens and her co-workers walk past him into the building, she holds out her hand to shake his. “Thank you.” She says as her warm hand slides into his and they shake lightly, politely. It’s then that he notices two things. One, that she’s left handed, and two, on the hand that he doesn’t want to let go is a wedding ring. “You’re welcome.” He says quietly, and she walks past him into the building, and out of his life, just as quickly as she appeared.


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